Interoperability makes the network available for all

Our goal is to create 100% digital business networks. This means that our customers need to be able to connect all their business partners around the world through one connection - from big corporates to small and medium sized companies.  

Interoperability partnerships, PEPPOL network, direct connections to business partners and the existing OpusCapita customers connected to our network make this possible.


Interoperability on OpusCapita Business Network


InteroperabilityInteroperability on OpusCapita Business Network


Network Interoperability

Over 50 interoperability partners around the world

OpusCapita considered interoperability as one of the basic principles when the Business Network was designed. For example, without e-invoice roaming, the reach would be highly limited. Respectively, think about  mobile phone networks without interoperability: you wouldn’t be able to make a call to your friend’s mobile phone if they used a different operator.

Therefor OpusCapita is an active member of the European E-Invoicing Service Provider Association (EESPA) and contributes to the development of interoperability between service providers.

Nowadays, OpusCapita has over 50 interoperability partners around the world, including:

Global partners:

Basware, Tungsten, GXS, Liaison, CGI, HighJump

European partners:

Pagero, Tieto, EDB, Cegedim, Palette, Fitek, Omniva, PEPPOL

Nordic partners:

Anilinker, Visma, Enfo, Evry, Maventa, Notebeat, InExchange, Logiq, Posten



B2B Integration with demanding or non-standardized countries and business partners

Non-standardized point-to-point connectivity

Not all markets and customers support interoperability through partner networks. Point-to-point connections are needed when business partners want to use specific formats or parameters that are relevant only for a single business connection.

The most demanding business integrations

OpusCapita has decades of experience in building point-to-point EDI connections. Our B2B Integration services can solve even the most demanding business connections regardless of the content or business partner. Our point-to-point B2B integrations follow our best practices: plan, build, run and optimize.

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Electronic document exchange network facilitates trade

Peppol is an interoperability infrastructure for exchanging e-invoices and business documents in Europe. Even though it was initially designed for Business-to-Government (B2G) traffic, it is getting more and more popular in Business-to-Business (B2B) communication as well.

Nowadays you can access more than 80,000 buyers and hundreds of thousands of suppliers across the Europe through the PEPPOL network. OpusCapita provides a certified international PEPPOL access point and takes care of the routing and handling of documents and transactional messages.

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Peppol Access Point

More than 100,000 companies are connected to the OpusCapita Business Network

One reason customers to choose the OpusCapita Business Network is its wide reach and existing partner connections: with a single connection they access all their current and potential business partners. This opens new markets and speeds-up growing their business.

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