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Per Åberg
Head of Business Network, OpusCapita

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Let’s say goodbye to paper forever

The coronavirus has put the world under enormous pressure, and business processes with manual touchpoints are no exception. To bid farewell to paper is a big decision that affects us all in several ways, but it is undoubtedly the most important decision we’ve ever made. Paper invoices are a weak link in the business process that can affect your overall business but by moving to EASY eInvoicing, you will get an Effective AP process that helps to fulfill orders and retain employees. A chance to more quickly Adjust to the new normal with increased digitalization, and it will help you Sustain your business, and it puts You in control.

Electronic invoicing is fast, efficient, sustainable, and an important building block for further digitalization. It opens the door to comprehensive automation advantages in your entire source-to-pay process and digital supply chain. Choosing e-invoicing services from OpusCapita allows you to address invoice process issues immediately, strengthen your professional relationships, and support your clients with improved services.

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"We are ending our invoice scanning service to focus everything on being your best digital partner"

More about OpusCapita

OpusCapita is a leading European provider of source-to-pay and e-invoicing solutions for large and medium-sized organizations. Our cloud-based solutions help businesses manage their e-procurement and accounts payable processes, lowering costs while improving control and supporting growth. OpusCapita’s 1700 customers are connected to over 1 million suppliers, exchanging 100 million e-transactions annually across the OpusCapita Business Network. Connect, transact and grow with OpusCapita.

More about our Business Network

The OpusCapita Business Network connects and integrates you with buyers, suppliers and other business partners wider than any single network. Through interoperability with over 250 other e-invoicing networks, we can connect you to over 1 million trading partners through a single connection and digitally exchange all types of electronic business documents.

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