B2B Integration and EDI

A single connection to collaborate with all business partners

Optimize the reliability, reach and cost efficiency of your electronic B2B supply chain and EDI transactions with OpusCapita. We manage your business critical B2B supply chain needs with a single connection. Implementation, onboarding, mapping, translation, 24/7 monitoring and trading partner enablement are part of the service.

Let it be Ansi X.12, Odette, UN/Edifact, Eancom, RosettaNet, Tradacoms, VDA, XML, UBL, PEPPOL - we cover it.


The OpusCapita Business Network:


B2B Integration & EDIB2B Integration services on the OpusCapita Business Network


Our Solutions

100% digital Purchase-to-Pay by connecting all partners - from small to large

Exchanging electronic transactions with the entire supply chain can be a complex task. Multiple communication methods, formats and protocols make it hard and thus many companies trade only with their key suppliers via EDI and use manual processes with the smaller ones. Manual handling of the long-tail takes a lot of time and is expensive.

The OpusCapita Network Hub handles business communications with all suppliers - as a service. We support all the existing message types and formats your suppliers might require. B2B Onboarding services are used to enable the conversion of small and medium sized suppliers from paper to digital invoicing. All the actions are based on a commonly agreed integration strategy.

In practice, we focus on reducing the complexity and cost in your business operations by taking care of all the electronic transactions. This way you can focus on building relationships and growing your business.

100% digital Purchase-to-Pay

Serve your customers better with B2B integration

As supply chains are becoming increasingly digital, customer requirements for the current EDI solutions are coming more and more complex and harder to meet.

OpusCapita B2B Integration is a service that handles the complex and changing environment by taking care of all the electronic transactions with your customers. Only one pipeline to our Network Hub is needed and we handle the different requirements your customers are demanding. All relevant information is securely synchronized between your ERP and the customer system quickly and reliably.

With OpusCapita, the message sending and response is entirely automated and synchronized to your process to ensure your supply chain is as efficient as possible.


B2B integration

Ensuring fast, agile and on-time logistics

Supply chain professionals are using every waking hour to deliver the right products to the right place at the right time. This requires accurate forecasting, fast reactions and agility to adapt to the changes in supply and demand.

B2B integration in logistics is used to exchange real time data between freight forwarders, custom brokers, container freight stations, ship agents, warehouses, cartage and trucking companies. OpusCapita handles different messaging types and formats between the parties. This ensures that the business runs smooth.

Data integration between logistics processes is essential for growth and bottom-line performance. However, typically this hasn’t been implemented on a full scale due the challenging, complex and costly implementations. OpusCapita B2B Integration is different. Our experience driven efficiency and integration as a service approach makes this easy for you.

agile and on-time logistics

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