OpusCapita Business Network

Our Business Network will help to streamline your processes, and boost your business.

Per Åberg
Head of Business Network, OpusCapita

Global digital trade through a single connection

The OpusCapita Business Network connects and integrates you with buyers, suppliers and other business partners wider than any single network. Reach over 1 million trading partners through a single connection and digitally exchange all types of electronic business documents.

With the Business Network you can collaborate more efficiently in a more automated way and dramatically reduce the process cost associated with manual handling of business documents. Digital communication also drives control, compliance, visibility and enables information-based decision making.

All parties can be easily onboarded, and our Business Network supports connectivity with all standards and messaging types. Because we believe in interoperability, we've built connectivity to over fifty other business networks including PEPPOL. OpusCapita Business Network enables 100% digital Purchase-to-Pay and is growing with over 100 million annual electronic transactions.

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Send and receive e-invoices all over the world

OpusCapitas e-invoicing service helps you to fully automate invoice processes with accounts receivable and accounts payable. Choosing e-invoicing services from us at OpusCapita allows you to address invoice process issues immediately, strengthen your professional relationships and support your clients with improved services.

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The OpusCapita Business Network is a modern network that is actively developed together with EESPA, CEF, FeRD and PEPPOL communities. It connects and integrates buyers, suppliers and other business partners much wider than any single network. Reach over a million of potential business partners easily. Our 24/7 service desk makes sure that everything goes as planned.



Our goal is to create 100% digital business networks. This means that our customers need to be able to connect all their business partners around the world through one connection - from big corporates to small and medium sized companies. Interoperability partnerships, PEPPOL network, direct connections to business partners and the existing OpusCapita customers connected to our network make this possible.

“The best businesses in the world look for great networks – everyone else looks for work”

Ahti Allikas, Solution Owner, Partners and Networks, OpusCapita

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