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Rowan Lemley
Head of Product Marketing, OpusCapita

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Practical innovations for tactical and strategic issues

We know our solutions are practical because our customers tell us how easy they are to deploy, adopt and use.

Our DNA combines German engineering and Nordic innovation in highly practical and creative ways. Core to our success is a clear understanding of our role as problem solvers. Complexity comes in many forms and we pride ourselves on being complexity friendly. In an industry that is trending towards conformity, OpusCapita continues to engage with individual customers to solve concrete problems with practical and innovative solutions.


Cash Management

Our secure, cloud-based solution enables Treasury and Finance professionals to harmonize global processes, centralize Treasury management, reduce complexity and bring full visibility to cash positions.


Source to Pay

Source-to-Pay from OpusCapita is a unified cloud-based platform delivering sourcing, procurement, accounts payable and expense management with full connectivity to your trading partners through the OpusCapita Business Network. Find out more by visiting our Source-to-Pay solutions here.


Business Network

OpusCapita connectivity services integrate buyers, suppliers and other business partners through the OpusCapita Business Network. Through the network you can automate sending and receiving all types of electronic business documents, including e-invoices globally.

Source-to-Cash is a linear process with non-linear benefits

Procurement, Finance and Treasury work independently and yet, there are synergies to be achieved. When Procurement engages suppliers in a modern, cloud-based way, suppliers can be enabled to collaborate online and transact electronically. This all greatly improves further financial processes (think accounts payable automation). And when Treasury has consolidated account balance visibility, payments can be better managed with lower transaction costs and reduced need for short-term borrowing. These are just examples of how optimizing the source-to-cash process can benefit modern, agile organizations.


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