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OpusCapita is a platform that combines source-to-pay & cash management, enabling full source-to-cash process optimization.

Source-to-Cash is a linear process with non-linear benefits

Our Solutions

Unified Source-to-Pay

Source-to-Pay from OpusCapita is a unified cloud-based platform delivering sourcing, procurement, accounts payable and expense management with full connectivity to your trading partners through the OpusCapita Business Network. Find out more by visiting our Source-to-Pay solutions here.

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Spend Matters Technology Review Report

Proactive Cash Management

Our secure, cloud-based solution enables Treasury and Finance professionals to harmonize global processes, centralize Treasury management, reduce complexity and bring full visibility to cash positions.

Be proactive. An average cash management process could be hurting your company's financial health. Find out what proactive cash management can do for you.


Kone Cash Management

Your Network for Digital Business

OpusCapita connectivity services integrate buyers, suppliers and other business partners through the OpusCapita Business Network. Through the network you can automate sending and receiving all types of electronic business documents, including e-invoices globally. Paper/pdf invoices are also digitized and merged into one common flow.

Our network will support 100% of your spend with comprehensive B2B Integration services supporting the most demanding requirements.

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B2B Integration documents

Exchanged documents and messages in business networks

Master Data Management for Products

Product Information Management (PIM) from OpusCapita collects, organizes, and updates all of your product information in a single system. The most relevant and authentic product information is available to internal and external stakeholders, and distributed to all your media and sales channels. Accurate and easily accessible product data improves efficiency and drives sales.

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