Case Siemens
Automated handling of more than 800,000 invoices


To ensure the rapid, automated processing of supplier invoices, all incoming documents have to be digitalized and the information they contain has to be loaded into an ERP system for further processing in an EDI-compliant manner.

Applications and solutions in use



OpusCapita solutions enable a high degree of automation and extensive flexibility. This affects the incorporation of country-specific factors and adherence to compliance requirements as well as handling of large volumes with end-to-end transparency. Siemens receives the supplier data from OpusCapita for further processing in its ERP systems in conformity with the prescribed EDI standard, independently of any pre-processing or special features.

"The OpusCapita solutions mean that our local units don’t need to spend time handling inbound supplier documents anymore. Instead, document handling takes place as part of an end-to-end process with seamless data transfer to our ERP systems for further processing."

Karin Springer, Process Owner, Siemens Finance Shared Services