Case Ramirent
Showcasing Best Practices,
Ramirent Streamlines Their E-procurement Processes,
Building Competitive Advantage.


Procurement at Ramirent worked, but there were fundamental operational issues. While mechanics knew what they needed, the Buyers struggled with a lack of visibility into what to buy and from whom. Although technically much of the spend was managed through an ERP, it wasn’t very ergonomic.

For example: adding a new item to the catalog took almost 3 days and it was a constant struggle to maintain the negotiated prices in the system. It was also difficult to switch or engage new suppliers. Due to this, it was harder to leverage the results of negotiated contracts.


Ramirent implemented OpusCapita eProcurement, segmented their main categories of spend and onboarded the suppliers, one category at a time, to provide eCatalogs and accept eOrders. Budget controls were also introduced and new controls meant purchasing policy was better managed.

Applications and solutions in use

eProcurement Suppliers Onboarding eCatalogs and eOrders


154 suppliers have been onboarded with 256 catalogs covering MRO, Spare Parts, Bulk Goods and Equipment. Since 2016, the number of POs per day has doubled (100) with the amount of spend passing through the system growing by 400% in just 3 years. With OpusCapita, Ramirent has great negotiation power due to the fact that it is now very simple to switch suppliers.

"With OpusCapita we have not only been able to monitor and control our spend much better, we have also seen other cost saving effects like automated order process (at the supplier), more correct invoices, pre-coded cost allocation, etc."