Case LocalTapiola
Comprehensive partnership supports finance and business processes


The company needed a reliable long-term partner that monitors developments and changes in the sector. LocalTapiola was among the first in its sector to introduce electronic invoicing.

Applications and solutions in use



OpusCapita’s payment transaction solution handles the entire LocalTapiola Group’s outgoing payment traffic and incoming monetary transactions to and from banks. Every year OpusCapita transmits over a million electronic sales invoices to LocalTapiola’s consumer and corporate customers and is an operator for incoming claims. OpusCapita also scans insurance and claim documents and delivers the scanned information to LocalTapiola for archiving.

"We have a good partnership, which means that OpusCapita actively suggests development ideas and we are able to make our own needs heard. OpusCapita provides good support for our own activities and development work."

Henna Maja and Marke Wennervirta, Payment transactions and invoicing services unit, LocalTapiola Services