Case ims
ims moves knowledge - OpusCapita PIM paves the way


Building and engaging in continuous development of an infrastructure for media procurer ims, in order to optimize the presentation, ordering, delivery, and billing of all kinds of printed and digital media and to integrate these in e-procurement environments.

Applications and solutions in use

Product Information Management


Installation of OpusCapita Product Information Manager (PIM) for the editorial preparation and continuous updating of product information on millions of titles and transfer of the results into the Online Product Catalog (OPC) of OpusCapita, which digitally maps media products from all over the world and is seamlessly integrated in existing e-procurement environments via Open Catalog Interface.

"We are service providers for the purchase of media and specialized literature. Speed, reliability and efficiency of our web-supported procurement processes are based on OpusCapita technology. This has considerably contributed to the fact that we have become the leading media procurers in the German-speaking markets."

Philipp Woermann, CEO, ims