Case Helsinki City Theatre
Payment transactions and accounts rapidly moved to the cloud


When the current servers were no longer supported, a decision was made to replace the software with cloud services for use in finance and personnel administration. An operationally reliable solution was required for managing payment transactions, as it also had an important role in the future.

Applications and solutions in use

Cash Management Payments & Financing


Implementing the SaaS versions of the OpusCapita Payments and Accounts software. The transition from the previous version maintained with owned servers to cloud services went smoothly. The existing posting rules were re-created in the new environment and the solution was available for use straightaway. There was no need for separate training as the users found the new version to be clear and easy to use.

"We have used the OpusCapita solution for payments and accounts for years and we have been extremely satisfied with its operational reliability. We also quickly saw that the SaaS version of the solution is reliable and easy to use."

Finance Manager Sari Aarnio, Helsinki City Theatre