EK Servicegroup
Product information for more than 4100 trade companies


EK produces 30 print catalogs each year with a total of 5,800 pages and 18,000 illustrations. The planning and production of these catalogs needed to be made more efficient and more cost-effective. The product photos are an integral part of the data material. The company has around 10,000 illustrations, which are needed in different sizes and resolutions depending on how they are to be used. In the past, the management and allocation of image files were problematic.

Applications and solutions in use

Product Information Management


OpusCapita Product Information Management (PIM) enables EK to provide dealers with the texts and images needed for their various channels to reach their many audiences. The image labelling and storage has now been structured in such a way that unique product assignment is guaranteed. In addition, the process of ordering new photos has been automated.

"The EK/service group (EK) is one of the largest multi-branch cooperative groups in Europe, with EUR 2.2 billion turnover. Approximately 4,100 independent trading companies with more than 50,000 employees – from specialised stores to specialised retailers to department stores – have joined forces in EK."