Fully automated B2B messages maintain Alko’s order-to-delivery efficiency and help streamline daily operations


In order to respond to customer demands rapidly and accurately in its over 350 stores and web shop, Alko needs a fully electronic order and delivery process. A reliable and disruption-free B2B messaging service plays an essential role in the chain of operations that ensure the shelves in Alko’s stores are always stocked with the right products at the right time.

Applications and solutions in use

Business Network B2B Integration and EDI


OpusCapita’s B2B Integration service optimizes messaging in the order-to-delivery process. Orders, order confirmations and B2B invoices are sent and received automatically between Alko and all its suppliers. OpusCapita relays the messages and takes care of any format conversions that may be needed between Alko’s ERP and its suppliers’ systems. The rapid and reliable messaging service supports streamlined daily operations and optimizes stock volumes at the stores.

"The messaging service needs to be available at all times to keep our order-to-delivery process efficient. The reliability of the service is of the utmost importance. Our cooperation with OpusCapita works well."

Petteri Kylänpää, ICT Development Manager, Alko