Peppol - Everything you need to know in one place

Peppol is gaining a stronger foothold every day and it has even moved beyond Europe and is spreading in countries like Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. It is safe to say, that Peppol bis has the potential to become the global e-invoicing standard.

To help you make sense of it all, we've gathered a collection of our different resources to ensure you are armed with everything you need to know about Peppol.




Webinar - New EU Directive (Focus on Scandinavia)

Watch our webinar to get a comprehensive view on different e-invoicing regulations in the Nordics and how those comply with the EU Directive and PEPPOL. And on top of that, what impact they will have for the way you set up your invoicing processes.  

Webinar - Peppol Network explained

In this webinar, our Peppol experts will walk you through the basics of PEPPOL standards and infrastructure, and also explain the interoperable PEPPOL network’s role for the broader e-invoicing development in Europe and abroad.

Peppol - Quick Facts

The Peppol standard will enable cross border e-invoicing and e-procurement because it provides an open platform that creates standardization on all necessary levels:

  1. Addressing and routing of the messages exchanged between businesses or business and government sector.
  2. Document specifications. In other words, the network defines which important information your messages must contain in which format.
  3. An infrastructure to exchange the messages.

Today, Peppol mainly is used to exchange e-invoices but it supports all sorts of different documents such as orders and catalogs, this is why many European countries will require Peppol compliant purchase-to-pay processes in the coming years (if they are not already requiring them).

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