Turning the corner

The world economy is continuing to grow, led by the USA and China, and the tone is positive in Europe, too.  The Commission forecasts that the EU economy as a whole will grow by an average of 2.0%.

Patrik SallnerAmong Europe’s erstwhile crisis countries, wonder child Ireland is on a 6% growth track all of its own, but even Portugal and Spain have already turned their economies around. By contrast, Finland, once so strong, is still trailing in the growth projections. Thus there is already more reason than ever for official optimism.  Better times are coming.

Cautious optimism nourishes growth in the economy and adds impetus to our personal growth targets, our new year’s resolutions. Whether serious or not, these are evidence of people’s innate desire to improve themselves, to do something differently, to learn and embrace the new. 

Embracing the new takes us forward to something better, whether managing a task more effectively, taking a new approach to a familiar subject or pursuing innovations that revolutionize the market.

If the chance comes along to learn something new, grasp it and make good use of it. In professional matters you may find inspiration and assistance from our popular webinars – more about these in this newsletter.

Patrik Sallner

CEO, OpusCapita