Automation is getting intelligent

Companies are expecting intelligent automation with RPA (Robotic Process Automation), machine learning technologies and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to significantly impact their business within the next four years. This is revealed in the international Robotic Process Automation & Artificial Intelligence Survey conducted by OpusCapita.

 Automation is getting intelligent“I believe the development will be even more rapid. For instance, machine learning technologies have evolved much faster during the past few years than anyone anticipated. The real-life, everyday experiences OpusCapita and our customer companies have of automation with RPA are really promising. And the real disruption is just ahead, with intelligent machine learning programs that make it possible to automate tasks that were once thought to be impossible to automate and to support users in decision making,” describes Heini Pensar, Head of Professional Services, FAO, OpusCapita.

Half of the respondents in the survey had already started to work with RPA or were investigating the matter. Of the companies that already had experience of RPA, every fourth believed that RPA will transform their business. Of the companies with limited experience of RPA, only 2% believed the same.

“This shows that RPA and AI may easily be considered too technical to approach. Actually, the opposite is the case: one of the most interesting aspects of these technologies is that they allow businesspeople and process experts to be in charge of the development of new automation. For instance, software robots operate in a human-like manner in various systems on the computer, which makes it easy to understand,” Pensar points out.

The Robotic Process Automation & Artificial Intelligence Survey was conducted in February–April 2016 with 65 organizations operating mainly in Europe.

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Automation is getting intelligent
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