Glimpses of the future

Welcome back – we hope that you had a relaxing summer and your batteries are fully charged for all the opportunities this autumn has to offer!

Patrik SallnerThis time we want to give you some food for thought and raise three interesting topics that illustrate how the market is evolving. We will outline how, at OpusCapita, we are actively driving innovation, to make business simpler and more efficient for you and your customers.

New technologies are enabling a more automated world where we can get rid of the tedious routines that complicate business processes in many organizations today. Some of our customers have already witnessed the vast potential of robotic process automation in finance and accounting with us. Now we are actively researching machine learning and artificial intelligence as the next step forward. These technologies are a hot topic, as the survey results we share with you indicate.

We also see significant disruptions ahead in another area that concerns our customers, the field of banking and payments. In this newsletter, these issues are addressed by a true innovator and visionary, the former CEO of Skype Jonas Kjellberg.

And finally we share some views on the development of electronic invoicing. E-invoicing is one of our most widely used services in the Nordic markets. We have taken an active role in promoting European-wide standards and interoperability, as they open up new opportunities for expanded automation of invoicing in a broader supplier base and make it possible to reach a new customer base across many counties.

Patrik Sallner

CEO, OpusCapita