Innovations to meet your needs

As an innovator in the field of financial management, OpusCapita is constantly working with customers to identify new means of increasing the efficiency of their support functions and of their capital management.

Patrik SallnerDuring the autumn, we launched two new innovations – a supply chain finance program and software robotics based automation of backend processes.  

Our supply chain finance program offers smaller vendors that face a high cost of capital an affordable alternative to finance their receivables. This is particularly relevant to SMEs and younger companies. Larger organisations with a broad set of smaller suppliers may also find it a useful means to extend their payment terms. 

Software robotics, which aroused considerable interest already at the development stage, offers unequaled efficiency and quality for many finance routines that are difficult to automate by other means. We have successfully applied it to payroll and are now piloting it with various accounting processes. 

We have an over 30 year track record of addressing customer needs with innovation created with our own special expertise to make new and better products and services. I hope you will enjoy reading about experiences of our newest products and services in this newsletter.

Season’s Greetings

Patrik Sallner