Newsletter, June: Finger on the pulse

KarolinaIn May we met thousands of our customers at many different events in many different countries. Thank you to everyone for the interesting discussions! International payment transactions and the associated challenges, purchase-to-pay solutions, freeing working capital and managing risks in financial administration are topics that interest people in the Nordic countries and elsewhere. We also had discussions about the evolvement of CFOs into business strategists, and in Norway, we agreed that the recession has been defeated...

In order to learn to understand and to find solutions we listen and we discuss (an example of this is our short automation survey which we invite you to complete). We also take a closer look when needed. In this newsletter, we’ll tell you about the results of our new study on the development needs of the receivables process.

Let’s continue our interesting discussions outside the f2f meetings. Our LinkedIn and Facebook pages are open 24/7, so please feel free to post your ideas! We promise to keep the discussion going!

Wishing you a relaxing summer,

Karoliina Haikonen

Marketing and Communications Director