Newsletter December: Walk the talk

In our previous newsletter you read about us taking bold steps in building a truly Toni Paloheimocustomer-oriented and service-minded organization in order to offer not just good, but superior service to all of you as our customers. We took the customer satisfaction to everyone’s targets and are now constantly tracking the progress we make. The ultimate measure of our success is to know how you see our service from A to Z. We appreciate all the feedback you give us so keep it flowing. For us it is the best gift we can ever have.

To truly walk the talk we have just recently initiated a company-wide program to act on all the feedback we have received and will receive from you. Of course, we responded to feedback before, but the comprehensive approach, visible place in the strategy and clear management responsibility will take us to the next level. We will turn every stone and review every detail in our quest to further improve our service and achieve superiority.

Ultimately we have only one goal: to help you to succeed with your customers and build a high level of satisfaction. In this newsletter you can read about how improving your order-to-cash process can lead to higher customer satisfaction among other important benefits. And should you ever want to exchange ideas on the topics of customer experience and satisfaction, our team and myself are always willing to participate.

I wish you all plenty of happy encounters and all the best for the rest of the year!

Toni Paloheimo, Head of Service Design, OpusCapita