OpusCapita to partner Helsinki Deaconess Institute in developing a purchase-to-pay process together

October 24, 2017

The goal: to improve quality and transparency and achieve savings of tens of percents

Helsinki Deaconess Institute has chosen OpusCapita – a supplier of purchase, payment and cash management solutions – as its partner in the development of a comprehensive purchase-to-pay process.

Helsinki Deaconess Institute, a social and health care services providing foundation, aims to improve the quality and transparency of its procurement and purchase invoice processing as well as to enhance the automation and control of purchasing and payments. The comprehensive cloud services solution by OpusCapita includes an electronic purchasing system which includes, among others, online catalogues, smart order forms and a supplier self-service portal for data maintenance as well as an invoice automation solution which streamlines the processing of purchase invoices. The solution will be implemented in Helsinki Deaconess Institute group organizations, such as in its subsidiary Helsinki Deaconess Institute's Hoiva Oy and in the Suomen Diakoniaopisto College.

“We want to build a thriving foundation and to streamline our operations. The purchasing and ordering of products and services, and invoice handling and payments require a lot of administrative and manual work. By enhancing the automation and transparency of the whole purchase-to-pay process we aim to achieve significant savings of tens of percents both in the time that it takes to manage purchases and purchase invoices, and in procurement costs. By rebuilding our working practices we are able to better concentrate on the core mission of the foundation,” Alisa Yli-Villamo, Group CFO at the Helsinki Deaconess Institute, tells.

At the same time, Helsinki Deaconess Institute will implement a large-scale purchase order practice. As all incoming purchase invoices have a purchase order or a contract number, they are automatically and accurately allocated and posted and do not require extra verification and approval processing.

“Additionally, as purchases are justified and approved already in the purchasing step we are able to better control that purchases are allocated to our selected suppliers and that the contracts with the suppliers are being complied with. The creation of new practices is supported by the functionalities of the purchasing system and purchase invoice processing, such as mobile usage,” Samira Jaakkola, Procurement Manager at the Helsinki Deaconess Institute, tells.

“We are glad that Helsinki Deaconess Institute decided to utilize our know-how to develop its purchase-to-pay process and to create its best practice procedures for both purchasing and payments. The overall solution helps Helsinki Deaconess Institute achieve its goals and, in addition to tangible cost savings, to enjoy significant benefits in its business activities and processes,” OpusCapita’s Sales Acceleration Lead Marc Josefsson tells.

Helsinki Deaconess Institute has chosen OpusCapita as its partner after a thorough tender process. The Deaconess Institute already used OpusCapita’s Payment solution.

“OpusCapita was able to offer us the whole purchase-to-pay process chain as a comprehensive solution that is integrated into our system environment. We were convinced by OpusCapita’s strong commitment, and we are sure this project will benefit us greatly. Both our own experts and OpusCapita’s resources have invested all their skills and talents to this new solution. Thanks to that we are able to implement a great solution, but the final success is dependent on effective, long-term change management, both institute’s own organization and among our suppliers,” Alisa Yli-Villamo says.


Further information:

Group CFO Alisa Yli-Villamo, +358 50 466 2861, alisa-yli.-villamo@hdl.fi
Procurement Manager Samira Jaakkola, +358 50 325 9809, samira.jaakkola@hdl.fi
Helsinki Deaconess Institute

Sales Acceleration Lead, Marc Josefsson, +358400973429, marc.josefsson@opuscapita.com


Helsinki Deaconess Institute (HDL)
Helsinki Deaconess Institute (HDL) is a non-profit foundation that is a bold and strong player in the Finnish society. The foundation provides diverse social and health care services and solutions for special groups. The foundation and its subsidiaries comprise a social group, and the profits from its operations and assets are used to realize its core mission: defending human dignity and working for a better tomorrow. The group employs around a thousand employees. In 2016, the profits from its actual operations amounted to 147.5M€.

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