OpusCapita takes government agencies and institutes to the European PEPPOL network

March 10, 2017

Government agencies and institutes in Finland have joined the European PEPPOL network for electronic invoicing through an Access Point provided by OpusCapita. The company has served as the Finnish government’s invoice Receiving and Sending partner since the early 2000s.

“The PEPPOL network is developing into a key part of European digitization. In my opinion, it is important for state administration to lead the way and for government agencies to be able to use this channel for receiving and sending invoices,” says Keijo Kettunen, Payment Transactions Manager at State Treasury.

OpusCapita transmits all central government purchase and sales invoices, which amount to more than 10 million invoices per year. Government agencies and institutes receive more than 1 million invoices per year, with electronic invoices representing more than 90% of the total. Slightly more than 20% of sales invoices are electronic.

“Finland has an exemplary infrastructure for electronic invoicing, and the government has required its suppliers to submit their invoices electronically for years now. For this reason, PEPPOL is not as revolutionary in Finland as it is in many other countries. However, cross-border payment transactions will benefit from PEPPOL, and I hope that companies will follow the government’s example.”

PEPPOL is expanding rapidly in Europe

According to Kettunen, the decision to join PEPPOL was easy to make, as OpusCapita had already been authorized to serve as an Access Point. OpusCapita is also responsible for converting materials and sending and receiving invoices in a PEPPOL-compatible manner, meaning that the current payment transaction processes do not need to be adjusted.

 “Government agencies and institutes are now listed in the European-wide register of recipients, and are accessible to suppliers using PEPPOL. Correspondingly, we have access to a register of recipients of electronic invoices,” says Kettunen.

PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) is being actively used in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium, among other countries. In addition, it is being piloted in the healthcare sector in Great Britain, for example. Most recently, Poland chose PEPPOL for national e-invoicing framework based on PEPPOL services and standards.

 “The network is expanding rapidly across Europe. More than 60,000 suppliers and clients have already joined the network through more than 160 Access Points. PEPPOL provides Finnish companies and organizations with broader opportunities to sell, buy and pay efficiently in European markets,” says Heikki Pulli, Head of B2B Integration at OpusCapita.

State Treasury is currently enhancing the efficiency of its purchase-to-pay process. According to Kettunen, the goal is to have 90% of incoming invoices posted and matched automatically by 2020.

 “PEPPOL is also creating standards for electronic procurement. It will be interesting to see how its use will progress in terms of purchase messages. Significant benefits may be gained in that area in the future,” says Kettunen.

PEPPOL reaches Europe—join the growing network! “PEPPOL will play a major role in cross-border purchases and payments for European companies in the near future,” writes Heikki Pulli in his blog entry.