ESV signs a new government framework agreement with OpusCapita – This opens the door for 225 public authorities in Sweden to join PEPPOL

April 12, 2017

The Swedish National Financial Management Authority (ESV) has signed a new government framework agreement with OpusCapita, the leading company in Scandinavia within automated financial services, for the management and distribution of invoices to the customers of government agencies. This agreement covers both e-invoices and paper invoices. The value of this framework agreement amounts to approx. SEK 30 million.

OpusCapita won the contract against tough competition including some of the largest IT suppliers in the world and is the sole contracted service provider. An important factor for ESV was that the solution offered by OpusCapita gives the authorities a simple and natural connection to PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement On-line). For Swedish authority, read more about how to suborder from this agreement here.

PEPPOL is a network for e-commerce and e-procurement, which consists of a technical platform, agreements, plus guidelines and specifications. PEPPOL provides a simple way for buyers and sellers to connect. By joining this network, users are given access to all buyers and sellers who are connected to PEPPOL internationally. PEPPOL provides support for priority electronic processes for invoicing, orders and procurement and is designed to manage processes in Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Government (B2G) transactions.

E-commerce is an important area for improving the efficiency of the public sector, and also provides advantages for companies that are either suppliers to the public sector or pay bills received from the public sector. Countries all over Europe are currently working in this area and our neighbors in Scandinavia have already introduced legal requirements for this. PEPPOL will facilitate the transition to e-commerce and will play a central role in the services supplied by OpusCapita under the framework agreement.

All government agencies in Sweden will need to be connected to PEPPOL in order to manage their invoicing. The framework agreement with OpusCapita will make this possible, and OpusCapita will be a key player in helping the public sector during this transition to more efficient invoice processing.

–“We are very happy to have this new agreement in place. As soon as we have completed the final acceptance checks, we can open the door for the authorities to start using the agreement,” says Åsa Fröding, who is managing this project at ESV.

OpusCapita has invested considerable resources in creating a user-friendly service that can be implemented quickly and which also creates more transparency and control. The agreement is in line with OpusCapita’s long-term strategy for helping organizations and companies in their transition from paper invoices to e-invoices.

– “We are very much looking forward to starting our collaboration with ESV. This agreement is strategically important for us and strengthens us in our vision to create a complete system which covers the entire payment process. We are proud that OpusCapita is making it possible for Sweden’s public administration to digitalize their operations and move completely to e-invoicing. We think it is very exciting to be making this move together with ESV and other Swedish authorities,” comments Matts Ek, Head of the B2B onboarding program at OpusCapita Sweden. 

For Swedish authority, read more about how to suborder from this agreement here.

For more information, please contact:

Matts Ek
Head of B2B onboarding program, OpusCapita Sweden
Tel. +46 76 126 99 79

About ESV

ESV develops the financial management of Sweden’s government agencies as well as preparing analyses and forecasts for the Swedish national economy. ESV is a central administrative authority under the Swedish Ministry of Finance.

Our vision is a more prosperous Sweden. One way to achieve this is via well-developed financial management, since good financial management will ensure that taxpayers' money is used effectively.

Briefly stated, this means that we must develop and manage an effective financial control of government operations, providing the Swedish Government departments and authorities with expert support to develop effective economic governance, helping to ensure that budget policy objectives are met and that there is proper management of Sweden’s EU funds. ESV is based in Stockholm and has  about 165 employees.