Speeding up e-invoicing

October 15, 2016

The two major associations promoting electronic invoicing in Europe, EESPA (European E-invoicing Service Providers Association) and OpenPEPPOL, have joined forces to accelerate the adoption of e-invoicing in Europe. The cooperation aims at developing common positions on EU public policy support for e-invoicing, driving interoperability and rolling out easy-to-use services.

Solution owner of e-invoice networks Ahti Allikas from OpusCapita welcomes the cooperation and says it is good news for European corporations and organizations.

“Closer cooperation between the different stakeholders represented by the associations helps to address the issues related to interoperability, such as the local flavors of e-invoicing frameworks. International interoperability is crucial to the widespread adoption of electronic invoicing and is especially important for supplier activation. Common interoperability makes it easy for any company, regardless of size, industry or region to join e-invoicing,” says Allikas, who is also a member of the EESPA Executive Committee.

The associations have agreed on working together to further develop the PEPPOL specifications for e-invoicing and e-procurement. The Pan-European Public Procurement Online was initially a project funded by the European Commission to simplify the electronic procurement process and make it easy for European suppliers to deal electronically with any European public-sector buyer. Since 2012, the OpenPEPPOL association has continued with the maintenance of the specifications and the creation of a cross-border network infrastructure for seamless e-procurement and e-invoicing.

Allikas states that OpenPEPPOL has recently put an emphasis on developing functionalities to better satisfy the needs of B2B e-invoicing. For example, he leads one of these development projects, aimed at establishing invoice response messages, which is a crucial functionality for corporations looking to automate their purchase-to-pay processes.

“PEPPOL will have a major impact on the e-invoicing landscape of Europe and, together with EESPA, even on a global scale in a few years’ time. The benefits of the open, standardized many-to-many network are clear, and I believe PEPPOL is about to reach a tipping point and become a popular choice in B2B e-invoice exchange as well.”

Speeding up e-invoicing