Opuscapita expands its e-invoicing reach

September 23, 2016

OpusCapita continues to grow its e-invoicing network and has signed an agreement with the Dutch-based electronic invoicing community SimplerInvoicing (SI). SimplerInvoicing is also the Peppol Authority in the Netherlands, promoting the adoption of the Pan-European specifications for public sector e-invoicing and e-procurement in its territory.

Opuscapita expands its e-invoicing reach - News

“This agreement will open up additional possibilities for our customers to send electronic invoices to their partners in the Netherlands and also to receive e-invoices from suppliers that are part of the SI network. There are 3 000 companies in the SI network, and the number is increasing constantly,” says Ahti Allikas, Solution Owner, Partners and Networks, OpusCapita.

The Dutch government is aiming for mandatory B2G e-invoicing in the near future, in anticipation of the EU directives that obligate all member state public authorities to migrate to e-procurement and e-invoicing by the end of 2018. The implementation will start with government top suppliers at the end of 2016, and it will be applied to all new agreements from the beginning of 2017. The existing suppliers will have a two-year transition period over the years 2017–2018.

“This will also further boost the development of the SI network. On a European level, I expect that the EU directives will have a significant influence on the usage of Peppol specifications in electronic invoicing.”

Peppol coverage reaches new regions

Through the agreement with SI, OpusCapita will now extend its Peppol coverage to the Netherlands and ensure Peppol-compliant exchange of electronic business documents in this new region for its customers. OpusCapita has previously had Peppol traffic in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

“The next step is to expand the traffic to Austria as well. We are also looking forward to extending our Peppol reach to Belgium and to the UK, where the national healthcare sector has adopted Peppol for e-ordering and e-invoicing.”

The open Peppol network with standardized specifications for addressing and routing, document formats and transfer infrastructure was developed to facilitate public e-procurement and to make e-invoicing easy between European suppliers and public sector buyers.

“The major advantage of Peppol is that it helps to solve the biggest issue in cross-border e-invoicing today: the question of common interoperability,” says Allikas.

Opuscapita expands its e-invoicing reach - News


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