First in the Nordics:Opuscapita receives Swift Certified Application label

February 16, 2016

OpusCapita has been awarded the 2015 SWIFT Certified Application Corporate Cash Management label. The certification has been granted to OpusCapita’s cloud-based cash management solution.

OpusCapita’s cash management solution, offered as SaaS, is integrated with the SWIFT Alliance Lite2 service. Alliance Lite2 is SWIFT’s cloud-based solution for connecting to the SWIFT network of more than 10 000 banks and financial institutions in over 200 countries.

OpusCapita is the leading provider of the SWIFT Alliance Lite2 service in the Nordic countries, and was among the first vendors in business to integrate the service into its cloud-based cash management solution.

The global connectivity option has been available for OpusCapita’s customers’ international message traffic since 2013. Several international corporations have chosen OpusCapita’s cloud-based cash management solution with SWIFT Alliance Lite2 to centralize and harmonize their group-wide finance and accounting processes.

SWIFT Certified Application labels are awarded exclusively to providers that offer quality services and solutions that fully comply with SWIFT’s stringent requirements for standards, messaging and connectivity, making it easier for users to identify best-in-class solution providers.

”We have partnered with SWIFT in order to deliver to our customers cash management solutions that truly have global reach and that can meet the versatile needs of their international business. By being one of the few providers delivering cash management solutions that carry the SWIFT certification, OpusCapita shows commitment to continuous development according to the highest level of professional standards,” says Markus Makkonen, Product Manager at OpusCapita.

“Maintaining a multitude of banking connections with different formats is a real challenge for international companies that aim for harmonized processes, transparency and transactional efficiency. With the SWIFT network integrated and securely connected to our cloud services, OpusCapita can offer a turnkey solution for reaching practically any bank globally. And as such, the Lite2 bank connections are also scalable and flexible for future business growth, for instance.”

In addition, OpusCapita has its own extensive network of almost 100 readymade and tested direct banking connections covering nearly all local banks in the Nordic countries and many European banks.

“With this coverage, we can provide a genuine single-point-of-entry for easy bank connectivity to companies of all sizes and needs,” says Makkonen.

OC receives Swift Certified Application label