Digitalisation in the spotlight: Curato Røntgen to partner with OpusCapita

May 04, 2016

OpusCapita and Curato Røntgen AS recently signed a three-year partnership agreement with the aim of improving the distribution of appointment letters and patient replies in relation to X-ray services.

The partnership will initially involve an iPost solution in combination with portals (e-Boks and Digipost) which will see Curato use Printer Driver to send documents. 

– This partnership allows us to deal even more efficiently with our patients, who are always our main concern. It represents a shift to a more modern operation, says CEO Erik Kreyberg Normann at Curato Røntgen.

Successful bid
OpusCapita won the contract in competition with two other providers. Curato places great emphasis on digitalisation, and OpusCapita was chosen on the basis of an overall assessment.

– We wanted to modernise the way appointment letters are issued and increasingly try to switch to electronic communication instead of paper copies. We chose OpusCapita because they offer the best solutions, and we are confident that they will help make us even more efficient, says Normann.

A digital future
During the dialogue leading up to the signing of the contract, the parties also identified other areas of interest that could be further investigated as they move forward. They include scanning and digitalisation services for processing patient referrals from doctors and hospitals.

The plan is to launch the partnership across Curato Røntgen’s 13 branches during April.

– We are looking forward to working with Curato Røntgen. Digitalising and automating the way we process documents not only saves time, it is also a more eco-friendly solution and helps make more people choose to receive digital mail rather than paper copies, says Sami Seikkula, Country Manager at OpusCapita Norway.

For more information, please contact:

Erik Kreyberg Normann, CEO, Curato Røntgen AS
Tel: +47 97501120/

Preben Lövius-Dahl, Senior Sales Executive, OpusCapita AS
Tlf.: 988 56 263/

Alternatively you can contact:

Christina Andersen, PR consultant, OpusCapita
Tel: +47 93261399/

About OpusCapita
OpusCapita provides digitalisation and automation solutions for purchasing, invoice processing and payments as well as cash management and supplier financing. With more than 600 million yearly transactions – 200 million of which are digital – we possess the expertise required to make procurement and payment easier and more cost-effective. For customers it means end-to-end visibility, control and compliance of their spending and cash flows. OpusCapita saw a net turnover of €257 million in 2015. Its 2,000 employees serviced 8,000 clients in 54 countries. The company was founded in 1984. Headquartered in Espoo, Finland, it is a wholly owned subsidiary of Posti Group. For more information, please visit 

About Curato Røntgen AS
Curato Røntgen AS is Norway’s largest privately owned provider of diagnostic imaging services and a major contributor to the Norwegian health service thanks to its 13 X-ray clinics across the country. We supply services of the highest professional standard both to the national health service and to private individuals. We have branches across Norway. We have entered into agreements with all of Norway’s four regional health authorities. In 2015 Curato Røntgen performed more than 570,000 examinations on around 390,000 patients. Health insurance companies, businesses and sports clubs are among our biggest clients. We also have partnership agreements with the Norwegian Ski Federation, Olympiatoppen, the Football Association of Norway, the Norwegian Ice Hockey Association, the Norwegian Cycling Federation and the Norwegian Basketball Association.