Companies are warming up for robotics: OpusCapita’s international Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence Survey 2016 reveals companies’ interest towards robotics

June 06, 2016

OpusCapita, provider of digitalized and automated business ecosystems, conducted an international survey to declare how companies are approaching the possibilities of robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI). The study collected responses from 74 organizations. 90% of the respondents represented European based companies.

81% of all of the respondents estimated that RPA and AI will have significant impact on their business within next four years. Half of the respondents had already started to work with RPA opportunities or were investigating the subject. Of these companies, 25% stated that RPA and AI will transform their business, and 20% estimated that it will make big difference on their operations.

The highest automation potential is expected to be in finance & accounting, payroll accounting and customer service routines.

  • Robotics and artificial intelligence will revolutionize the work not only in factories, but also there where people are operating with vast amount of data. Our own experiences within RPA are really encouraging, and we have been able to gain even higher amount of operational efficiency and quality improvement than expected, says OpusCapita’s Head of Product Marketing, Petri Karjalainen.

According to OpusCapita’s survey, the most important drivers for implementing robotic process automation within organizations are to increase operational efficiency (68%), to reduce costs (51%) and to improve quality, and accuracy (35%).

The background of the survey

OpusCapita conducted its Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence Survey 2016 in February-March 2016. 74 respondents took part of the survey, representing over 65 companies, mainly in Europe.

The survey focused on software robotics, which refers to virtual users who mimics the way human users work on computers. These virtual users execute tasks the way they are taught, smoothly navigating in applications and utilizing various data sources. On the other hand, artificial Intelligence is able to support users in ruling and decision making. While software robots need to be taught with unambiguous instructions, machine learning is data-driven and builds its own rules and algorithms.

The survey results in detail, and real life examples:

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