Access rights create safety

September 08, 2016

OpusCapita to implement stricter user management policies.

Access rights create safety - News

OpusCapita is introducing stricter user management practices for its software. Access rights are a key element of security in systems controlling corporate customers’ cash flows.

OpusCapita software has strong, centralized access rights management, meaning that access rights can be determined specifically for each user based on their roles and duties. This also prevents high-risk combinations of duties. However, the corporate customer is always ultimately responsible for the management of users and user rights.

“Each corporate customer must have at least two main users, who are entitled to make changes to access rights, unlock user IDs and reset passwords when necessary," says Tiina Astren, Team Leader for Software Support at OpusCapita.

With corporate customers expanding their operations and growing internationally, the software support experts at OpusCapita cannot identify users with absolute certainty. For this reason, Customer Support will no longer unlock disabled user IDs or make changes to IDs at the direct request of users.

"Disabled user IDs will primarily be unlocked by the main user at the customer’s organization. The main user can contact us if help is required. We take our customers’ payment security very seriously, and this change of policy is intended to further improve security and stability with regard to our operating methods," says Astren.

Even before this change, Customer Support unlocked user IDs only by separate agreement. User IDs are disabled in accordance with the corporate customers’ data security practices after unsuccessful sign-in attempts. The main users are informed about data security incidents, and they can disable unused IDs and review the history of changes made to access rights, among other aspects. With regard to extended user management, security can be improved by creating a specific inspector role to implement a two-phase approval process for changes made to access rights, for example.

If necessary, Customer Support at OpusCapita will help customers check their current user management situation and create new main users. Main users can also be provided with training to support user management.

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