Vidar M.Nordby new director service management at OpusCapita

February 26, 2015

OpusCapita, a leading provider of financial process solutions, has appointed Vidar M.Nordby as the new Director of Service Management in the business area of Document Process Outsourcing (DPO). This business area solves the processes around management of both incoming and outgoing documents.

Vidar M.Nordby has been with OpusCapita for almost 5 years and was previously country manager in Norway. Today he is in the global management group of the DPO business unit and also represents this unit in the management group in Norway and Sweden. 

“My responsibilities will be to keep the customers of OpusCapita satisfied within the area of DPO in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Poland and also offer new and relevant services to these customers. Our prime customers in this area are insurance companies, banks, collection agencies, public companies as well as others with large volumes of documents”, says Vidar M.Nordby at OpusCapita.

About OpusCapita AS:

OpusCapita sets the new standard for financial processes. With 2,300 passionate professionals, we focus on Purchase-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash processes where we combine software, outsourcing and services with a delivery model that offers the best value for our customers. We have operations in nine countries and vast experience from over 11 000 customers, with end-users in more than 50 countries. In 2014, OpusCapita’s net sales totaled EUR 260 million, and our headquarters is located in Finland. OpusCapita is part of Posti Group Corporation and has its head office in Finland.

Vidar M.Nordby new director - News

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