Paula Carlstedt appointed OpusCapita Country Manager in Finland

June 26, 2015

OpusCapita is reinforcing its presence in Finland, its home market, by appointing a Country Manager. The new County Manager will be Paula Carlstedt, the current Managing Director of Xerox in Finland. She will start at OpusCapita on July 20.

Paula Carlstedt has led a remarkable career at Xerox, both in Finland and internationally. As the OpusCapita Country Manager, she will be able to utilize her extensive experience in sales and her ability to create functional contact networks across the boundaries between organizations.

“OpusCapita is a leader in financial processes. While our main goal is to grow globally, the Finnish market is also very important for us. Paula has an impressive track record of successful leadership in sales and in building various types of networks. I am very pleased to have her on board at OpusCapita,” says Ossi Pohjola, OpusCapita’s acting CEO.

Paula Carlstedt says that the Country Manager position at OpusCapita offers a very interesting and attractive opportunity:

“OpusCapita has tremendous potential both in Finland and in the global arena. I want to contribute to building a new Finnish success story," Paula Carlstedt says.

Paula Carlstedt to Country Manager - News

OpusCapita develops and automates financial, purchasing and documentation processes. In addition to its more conventional financial processes, the company is introducing a supply-chain financing solution to Finland that will ease the financing situation of SMEs, and it is also a leading developer of software robotics in the country.