Latest survey of Finnish ICT decision-makers: OpusCapita ranks among top system providers

September 15, 2015

OpusCapita is one of the most highly regarded and best known system and full-service providers, according to a recent corporate image survey that was carried out in Finland. OpusCapita’s particular strengths were considered to be professional skill and expertise, and project management.

An extensive questionnaire survey carried out by Taloustutkimus in the spring of 2015 studied how highly regarded and well known ICT sector operators are. The companies were assessed by the decision-makers and experts responsible for ICT procurement. OpusCapita was part of the System/Full-Service Providers group in which the sector’s top 25 operators were evaluated.

OpusCapita came in the top twenty-five percent in terms of its overall score and how well known the company is, and was the sixth most highly regarded company. Other companies in the evaluation included, among others, Accenture, Canon, Dell, Fujitsu, Capgemini, Hewlett-Packard and IBM. When the results of the financial management system providers are compared, OpusCapita has the best image.

“This is a very good result for a specialized company such as ours. Our excellent work as a developer of companies’ financial processes has enabled us to achieve this excellent ranking alongside high performers, such as IT giants and system operators operating in diverse fields,” says Paula Carlstedt, Country Manager, Finland at OpusCapita Solutions Ltd.

The survey also investigated how highly regarded companies were in eight important areas in terms of corporate image. OpusCapita’s strengths were felt to lie in professional skill and expertise, and respondents considered these the most important characteristic of IT sector operators in general. OpusCapita also received good scores for project management, product performance and functionality, and understanding of customer needs.

“We are especially pleased with the high score awarded by our own customers, which was the best in our reference group. The result proves that we understand the real challenges faced by companies operating in a global environment and that we have done the right things in the right way to solve these issues,” says Carlstedt.

Taloustutkimus Oy conducted the ICT Feedback 2015 corporate image survey in Finland in March and April this year. Companies in four different product or service provider group categories were evaluated by decision-makers and experts in charge of ICT purchases in private and public organizations - mainly corporate IT directors and managers, data administration directors and managers, IT experts, and financial directors and managers. In total 1,374 respondents participated in the survey and 403 of these evaluated the companies in the System/Full Service Providers category. The survey that evaluates how highly regarded and well known operators are in Finland’s ICT sector has been carried out annually since 1994.

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