Language courses in Vilnius opens the door for more customers in the Nordic region – OpusCapita invests in Scandinavian language training in the Baltics

March 31, 2015

Stockholm 6 March; in the OpusCapita service center in Vilnius employees are educated in Norwegian and Swedish, in order to facilitate communication with the Nordic neighbors. Through university standard language courses, employees are prepared for the communicative challenges that awaits them in daily work. Speaking the same language is highly valued by customers because it saves time, avoids misunderstandings and instead encourages a complete focus on the service.

OpusCapita invests in language training - News

Learning the same language as the customer opens the door to business opportunities. In OpusCapita’s service facility in Vilnius, Scandinavian language training is a must to handle the service for particularly Sweden and Norway.

Dovile Lazinskiene, Team Manager at OpusCapita in Vilnius, began working at the service center during the same year as it opened, in 2006. She completed five months of language training before she gained responsibility for Nordic customers.

– Since I today speak fluent Norwegian, I am able to help customers in a simple and efficient way. While talking to clients, they are often pleasantly surprised of my language skills, which contributes to a stronger business relationship, says Dovile.

OpusCapita took over the business in the service center 2014 through the acquisition of the Norwegian accounting company Norian. The operations in Vilnius targets outsourcing companies specialized in financial accounting. Communication with customers is as far as possible conducted in the same language, in order to provide the best service as possible. Employees are required to learn specific financial terms in order to fully master the tasks.

– For us it has been valuable to have a high level of expertise, services performed with great quality and efficiency, along with employees at the service center speaking very good Norwegian, says Torkel Sør-Reime, Head of Invoice, Lindorff Norway.

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