Kredithanterarna rebranded to OpusCapita – The change occurs shortly after OpusCapita’s acquisition

November 09, 2015

Stockholm 2015-11-09; In connection to OpusCapita’s acquisition of Kredithanterarna, the company has been rebranded as a consequence of a widened offering of services. OpusCapita now provides claim management to an already strong product portfolio, but under one single brand.

150910Opuscapita Portratt0761Claim management will be included in OpusCapita’s order-to-cash model, which involves an automated and integrated solution in end-to-end invoice processing. The big advantage is the time and resources saved, through invoice management by one single supplier.

“Joining OpusCapita is as a win-win situation. In particular, our strength is increased due to the availability of new products meeting customer demand. With combined resources we become a strong force in various segments,” says Jimmy Wecklauf, CEO, OpusCapita Kredithanterarna AB.

OpusCapita’s clients will not experience any visible differences in current services, as the systems and processes remains unchanged. However, the broadened offering opens to new business opportunities, for both new and existing customers.

“We are delighted to welcome Kredithanterarna as part of OpusCapita’s organization and brand. Claim management makes our offer in order-to-cash complete. The new services will fill in the gaps requested by our customers in process management,” says Andreas Wallin, Director O2C Presales, Product Management, OpusCapita.

OpusCapita offers both reminder and debt collection services to clients in Sweden.

For more information, please contact:

Jimmy Wecklauf, CEO, OpusCapita Kredithanterarna AB
T:   +46 735 15 66 11

Andreas Wallin, Director O2C Presales, Product Management, OpusCapita
T:   +46 702 86 91 92