The fresh number of OpusCapita’s “Journal – Passion for Financial Management” is now available

February 18, 2014

If you share our passion for improving financial management, this is something for you: The fresh number of our customer magazine, Journal – Passion for Financial Management, has now been published and is on its way to readers.

OCJournalIn this number we discuss, among other things, the business impact of streamlining and automating financial processes, and the valuable role played by comprehensive payment factory solutions when optimising working capital in complex global corporate structures. 


We also introduce two interesting customer stories – one dealing with an extensive business process outsourcing solution supporting a company’s growth strategy, and the other telling about a construction giant’s decision to build a payment factory with OpusCapita.


Journal – Passion for Financial Management is OpusCapita’s international customer magazine that presents topical issues, trends and challenges in financial management, accompanied by relevant customer stories, twice a year.


Read the digital Journal – Passion for Financial Management 1 2014


If you wish us to send you a printed copy of the Journal, please fill in the contact form and write “Journal” to the description field.