OpusCapita wins strategically important contract in the construction industry

November 12, 2014

- Contiga strengthens its environment and sustainability profile with email invoicing service X-Mail

OpusCapita strengthens its footing in the construction sector by broadening its services to the construction company, Contiga. OpusCapita will be responsible for verifying Contiga’s 12 000 annual incoming invoices.  Contiga will also be introducing OpusCapita’s email invoicing service, X-Mail.

OpusCapita wins strategically important contract in the construction industry

Contiga is one of the Nordic’s leading manufacturers of precast concrete and prefabricated steel structures and has operations in five countries. Their main products are steel structures for offices, hotels, public buildings and larger family houses. OpusCapita already provides invoice scanning services to Contiga in Sweden. The broadened scope of services creates continuity and unity in OpusCapita’s work for Contiga. Contiga has its production site in Norrtälje, Sweden and 300 of the company’s 1000 workers are located in Sweden.


“OpusCapita gives us an overall control over the verification of incoming invoices”, says Contiga head of IT, Ronnie Ludvigsson. ”The verification of subcontractor invoices is a large and crucial process in the construction industry. OpusCapita’s high quality reporting system provides us with business intelligence which we can use to streamline our operations and cut costs”.


Contiga will also be introducing OpusCapita’s cloud service for email invoicing, X-Mail. This is an important step in Contiga’s environment and sustainability plan. X-Mail is a so called SaaS service – Software as a Service.


“The contract with Contiga goes to show that the construction industry, amongst others, is of priority to us. OpusCapita is already a service provider to several companies in the construction industry. Cloud services provide our customers with safer and more efficient processes, which previously have been difficult for our customers to manage on their own”, says Ulla Hemmi, CEO, OpusCapita Sweden.


The systems are already being set up and are expected to be running before the end of the year.


For more information, please contact:


Ulla Hemmi, CEO, OpusCapita Sweden

T: +46729-24 70 00 E: ulla.hemmi@opuscapita.com


Ronnie Ludvigsson, IT Manager, Contiga

T: +4670-315 60 75 E: Ronnie.ludvigsson@contiga.se