OpusCapita to solve companies’ payment time challenges in a new way

December 15, 2014

Extended payment periods are putting Finnish companies’ ability to grow at risk. SMEs’ working capital is often tied up for extended periods in the products and services they have sold. At present, it is not unusual for payment terms to be 60 days or more. Quickly returning these cash resources to the companies would allow them to make investments and increase their sales.OpusCapita to solve companies’ payment time challenges in a new way

We are introducing a new service in Finland that will help SMEs to receive their payment in a matter of days, if necessary. Known as Supply Chain Finance, this solution will help SMEs to improve their liquidity and competitiveness by taking advantage of their large corporate customers’ financial position.


Supply Chain Finance is also beneficial to the buying companies as it will allow them to manage their own supply chain and ensure the availability of the products that they need. The solution also offers a low-risk investment opportunity for banks.


OpusCapita to solve companies’ payment time challenges in a new way

“Supply Chain Finance is an example of the kinds of measures that Finland now needs: positive solutions that improve companies’ operating conditions,” says Heikki Länsisyrjä, OpusCapita’s CEO.


OpusCapita’s Supply Chain Finance will become available in Finland at the beginning of next year. Initially, the system will include a major Finnish corporation and SMEs benefiting from the opportunity to receive their payments quickly. A similar Supply Chain Finance solution is already in place in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. OpusCapita will launch the service in other European countries during 2015.


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