OpusCapita to manage Lindorff’s international bank connections

May 05, 2014

OpusCapita will deliver an international bank connections management solution as a service to Lindorff Group AB. The agreement covers the comprehensive management of Lindorff’s bank connections under a single service level agreement in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands. The service will be flexibly implemented in stages on a country-by-country basis as of this year.

“We have been Lindorff Finland’s partner for several years. With the new OpusCapita we can offer a bank connection solution as a service package including global SWIFT connections powered by SWIFT Alliance Lite 2 in our cloud, that truly meets the needs of an international business operation. A single technical interface and transparent pricing will help Lindorff to build its business operation system on the group level and enhance its process efficiency,” says Petri Karjalainen, Vice President, Customer Operations, OpusCapita. “As the service operator of Lindorff’s bank connections, we will have overall responsibility for the company’s international bank connections, which will allow Lindorff to focus on its core business,” adds Karjalainen.


Founded in 1898, Lindorff Group is a European receivables management company that provides a full range of management services covering credit evaluation, payment, invoicing and debt collection, and purchasing of debt portfolios. Lindorff has approximately 2750 employees in 11 countries and its net revenue in 2013 was EUR 447 million. Lindorff’s owners are Altor (Altor Fund 2003 and Altor Fund II) and Investor AB, both of which hold 50 % of the stock. The company’s headquarters are in Oslo.

Updated May, 7th 2014.

OpusCapita to manage Lindorff’s international bank connections