OpusCapita’s email addresses are changing!

September 04, 2014

Any email addresses ending in @itella.com, @itella.fi or @posti.fi for OpusCapita employees and other system emails will stop working by the end of September.

  • To contact OpusCapita employees: after this our email addresses will take the form firstname.lastname@opuscapita.com and emails sent to the old addresses ending in @itella.com won’t be forwarded.
  • Most of the system and group emails have the suffix @itella.com – you should receive separate information, but in general these will get a new address ending in @opuscapita.com.  The addresses for some contact names will have a different form, though. Please ask your contact person at OpusCapita and then make the changes in your email or production systems.
  • The change will not affect the email addresses ending in @itella.net for service production personnel. These will change at the end of the year and we will inform you of this separately and well in advance.