OpusCapita is one of Finland’s top software companiesOpus Capita is one of Finland’s most highly regarded and best known software providers, according to a corporate image survey of the ICT sector carried out by Taloustutkimus. OpusCapita was the second most highly regarded financial management software provider.

In an extensive questionnaire survey carried out in April and May, corporate ICT decision-makers were asked to rate ICT sector operators in terms of how highly regarded and well known they are. In the Software Providers group, a total of 29 companies were evaluated. These included Microsoft, F-Secure, Hewlett-Packard, Fujitsu, IBM and Tieto. In this group, OpusCapita was the fifth most highly regarded.

OpusCapita received an overall score of 7.48 from all respondents in the survey, and 7.67 from its own customers. In this annual survey the company maintained its previous good score for being highly regarded, and in its own sector OpusCapita is still at the very leading edge.

“In terms of being highly regarded and well known, we are in the top twenty-five percent, among the major consumer brands included in this survey. This is a very positive result for us and is due to the high standard of our work,” says Petri Karjalainen, Vice President, Customer Operations at OpusCapita Solutions Ltd.

The survey also separately evaluated the most important elements of the corporate image of companies, such as service level and product functionality. The survey respondents felt that OpusCapita’s strengths lie in its product functionality and performance, product quality and professional expertise. Among the group of almost 30 software companies in the survey, OpusCapita was placed fourth in terms of understanding the customer’s needs, and was also highly placed in the assessment of maintenance and user support and level of service. Understanding customer needs was seen as the most critical corporate image factor in the Software Providers group.

“Customer satisfaction is the goal of our entire organization. It’s gratifying that the survey confirms that we have succeeded in this,” says Karjalainen.

The ICT Feedback 2014 corporate image survey was conducted by Taloustutkimus Oy. The respondents were decision-makers and experts in charge of ICT purchases in private and public organizations. The general section of the survey was completed by 1,458 respondents, of whom 444 evaluated the Software Providers group.