New information security solution for authentication of electronic banking connections

May 13, 2014

OpusCapita is the first in the Nordic countries to offer SWIFT’s 3SKey digital identity solution. 3SKey has been developed by SWIFT as a robust identification and key solution that in practice replaces all previous bank-specific and product-specific authentication systems.

The latest version of OpusCapita’s software now offers secure access to OpusCapita’s cloud service as well. Robust authentication is an absolute necessity for any company using global cloud services for its payment transactions and cash flows. Authentication with the 3SKey technology brings companies considerable benefits in terms of costs and processes. It also removes the final obstacles in switching over to cloud services.

“OpusCapita’s strong market position and its cloud-based cash management platform fit very well with SWIFT’s global bank connections service. This, complemented with the 3SKey solution for secure access to OpusCapita’s Payment Manager, means we can offer corporates precisely the functionality and information security they are looking for,” says Senior Account Director at SWIFT, Jan Heinsbroek.

3SKey is a secure personal key for accessing OpusCapita’s cloud service. OpusCapita’s role in this SWIFT solution is to distribute the SWIFT keys. 3SKey is easy to introduce and can be used without connecting to the SWIFT network. Using the 3SKey solution, payment transactions to banks are performed exactly as before.