Major new contract with Ahlsell

April 14, 2014

Ahlsell is preparing for the future with OpusCapita

Ahlsell has signed a new five-year contract with OpusCapita on a next generation workflow system which will ensure efficient processing of purchase invoices. The scope of the cooperation includes a solution for one of the most advanced purchase invoice management processes in the Nordics, with an annual volume of more than 1.1 million purchase invoices and 3,000 users. With OpusCapita’s Invoice Manager solution Ahlsell will ensure future development within the accounts payable department, which is already recognized to be on the level of “best practice” within its industry.


“We have been cooperating with Ahlsell for over ten years now, and during this time we have been able to support a mutual development. We have evolved from being a local service provider to a regional partner that can provide Ahlsell with services, products and outsourcing all over Northern Europe. As Ahlsell is one of the largest assignments the Nordic region in relation to volume and complexity, we are very happy and proud that Ahlsell has chosen to take this next step with us,” says Per Åberg, Country Manager at OpusCapita Sweden.


Next generation workflow system


The workflow system started to develop in the late 1990s. Today the market conditions require a technology change, and most large corporations will be facing the same challenge as Ahlsell - to upgrade to the next generation of invoice management system.


“OpusCapita has been a reliable and trustworthy partner from the beginning of our cooperation. The great thing is that they have been willing to develop together with us, which is important when a company expands the way we have done. We chose OpusCapita because they have kept their promises and delivered on a daily basis, year after year. Further we are delighted that they have proven to contribute to our development by proactively approaching us with development suggestions. Our strategy for the future requires us to have a reliable partner who understands our needs and who also has the drive to continue evolving. OpusCapita has proven that it is the right partner for our future development,” says Pär Eriksson, Manager, Accounts payable department at Ahlsell.


OpusCapita provides services and software to Ahlsell in relation to both accounts payable and receivable processes.