Considerable cost savings for Labor Berlin with Itella Information services

December 13, 2012

Europe's biggest and most modern hospital laboratory selected theItella/NewSource Business Outsourcing Model. Results of Itella/NewSource Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) are evident just one year after establishment of Labor Berlin. The Itella/NewSource BPO has helped the hospitals of the city state of Berlin to make savings of around EUR 1 million.

  • Europe's biggest and most modern hospital laboratory selected theItella/NewSource Business Outsourcing Model.
  • Results of Itella/NewSource Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) are evident just one year after establishment of Labor Berlin.
  • The Itella/NewSource BPO has helped the hospitals of the city state of Berlin to make savings of around EUR 1 million.

At the beginning of 2011, Itella/NewSource was commissioned to take over the entire accounting processes of the newly-founded subsidiary of the two state-owned hospital operators Charité and Vivantes.

Charité and Vivantes were asked to cooperate to save costs, so Labor Berlin - Charité Vivantes GmbH was founded for this purpose on December 31, 2010 and operations started a few weeks later. Meanwhile, Itella/NewSource's convincing, excellent expertise and sound implementation concepts led to the decision to outsource the accounting processes. In the time remaining until the start of operations Itella/NewSource, Labor Berlin and the system partner worked together in daily coordination sessions to reorganise and develop the accounting processes.

Itella/NewSource Model – Pioneering Example
Just one year after the establishment of Labor Berlin the convincing results of Itella/NewSource Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) can be seen. The original business plan was surpassed and the hospitals of the city state Berlin made savings amounting to more than EUR 1 million. The system partner and Itella/NewSource worked together and introduced the new ERP system "SAP Business ByDesign" in only three months. The employees are very happy with the modern structure and the success of the enterprise, and the introduction of a partially external competence network enables Labor Berlin to make considerable savings in resources and time.

"The project is a pioneering example of cooperation with a municipal enterprise, and as such has attracted a lot of positive attention in the field," says Titus von Nordeck, Managing Director of Itella/NewSource Germany.

"This project has shown once more that the often difficult issue of "outsourcing" can be implemented productively and profitably even on the municipal level, provided that the relationship involves respect and trustful cooperation."

"The process model of Itella/NewSource has convinced us in every respect. The time frame was ambitious, and not only was this adhered to, but the excellent quality work done by the team has really exceeded our expectations," says Florian Kainzinger, Managing Director of Labor Berlin, describing the cooperation with Itella/NewSource.


Further information:
Titus von Nordeck, Managing Director
Ralf Schmitt, Director
NewSource GmbH/Itella Information Germany
+49 511 33630 2777

About NewSource and Itella Information:
NewSource GmbH offers customised accounting services and has been part of the Finnish company Itella since 2011. 
Itella Information provides financial process services and cash flow automation solutions that improve customers' profitability and agility and facilitate their transition to the e-world. The services cover all aspects of financial management: from purchase order to payment and from sales order to management of incoming cash flows, plus a full range of accounting and payroll services. With benefits of scale, automated processes and best practices, the company manages its customers' financial processes in an efficient, professional and flexible manner.
Itella Information operates in 11 European countries and has an extensive global partner network. The company employs more than 2,200 people and its 2011 turnover was EUR 273.7 million. Itella Information is part of the Itella Group.

About Labor Berlin:
Labor Berlin – Charité Vivantes GmbH is a joint venture of the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin and the Vivantes Netzwerk für Gesundheit, the leading hospital service provider in Berlin.

The company offers innovative diagnostic services in all fields of clinical chemistry, microbiology, virology, molecular biology, human genetics, and in other special fields. More than 23 million laboratory analyses are carried out every year at 12 locations for more than 10,000 in-house patients and about 800,000 outpatients in Berlin.

Apart from clinical laboratory diagnostics, Labor Berlin provides services for research and development projects, from reviewing new tests, the validation of high-througput technologies for new biomarkers to the provision of complete solutions for development cooperation with the clinical institutions and research centres of the Charité Universitätsmedizin. For further information, please visit