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Procurement takes the lead in building the P2P value chain

When building the foundation for the optimal financial and operational performance of the whole organization, procurement function is uniquely positioned to raise the game for everyone. It is time to put the emphasis on the first P in the purchase-to-pay chain!

Toward 100% digital business networks

A 100 percent digital business-to-business network: utopia? Not at all! OpusCapita experts in their fields explain how current developments in the market are driving the change, and how organizations can already embark on the journey toward entirely digital selling, buying, and paying.

Zalando is rethinking retail in a fashion ecosystem

The success story of Zalando is worth listening to, even if you are not one to surf on the crest of the wave of the latest fashion trends. The model pupil of digitalization is now weaving a fashionable ecosystem around itself, creating new opportunities for collaboration and co-evolution. “In an ecosystem, we can grow faster and at the same time create growth for other players in the industry,” states Kenneth Melchior from Zalando.

Machine learning at heart

“Machine learning is the most challenging and also the most rewarding part of artificial intelligence – after all, in a way, it is the part which truly makes a machine intelligent and adaptable.” Data Scientist Ali Faisal explains the transformative capabilities of machine learning, and shares his views on how the disruptive technology can propel finance and procurement solutions and services to the next level.

Sapa’s three steps to centralized cash management

Sapa Group, the leading global supplier of aluminum solutions, decided to strive for more simplified, streamlined, and centralized cash management. Present in around 40 countries and in more than 100 locations, Sapa chose to implement a payment factory, an in-house bank, and a liquidity forecasting solution together with OpusCapita as the platform to build their future financial processes on.

“Blockchain technology is now developing beyond the hype”

Blockchain has inevitably crossed your radar screen by now, probably more than once. But what is actually behind the buzz about the most disruptive technology since the invention of the internet? “The potential is huge,” says Petri Syvänne, Head of Payment Services Nordic at Accenture.

Blockchain for business

OpusCapita is investigating the possibilities of blockchain. “Blockchain technology should not be used just for the sake of it - only if it actually brings added value compared to the use of more traditional technologies,” points out Ville Toro, Solution Architect at Opuscapita.