JOURNAL fall 2017

Welcome to the Fall 2017 issue of Journal. You can access the articles below.

Smooth procurement of a million spare parts captures savings on the bottom line

Despite the success in their source-to-contract process, Ramirent struggled to capture the negotiated and contracted savings on the bottom line. To close the gap between sourcing and spending and to address the pain points in their procure-to-pay process, Ramirent chose to implement OpusCapita’s eProcurement system. The catalog management and purchasing solution has won over both the mechanics ordering spare parts and the group sourcing striving for compliance.

Procurement is heading for an automated future

While procurement in European companies is maturing and modernizing rapidly, organizations are also increasingly challenged by the pace of the ongoing digital transformation, and struggling to remain not only competitive, but also compliant. 100 high-level procurement executives shared their views for the future.

Are you ready for the Post-Invoice Economy?

As technologies continue to advance and converge, organizations are able to derive less and less value from highly transactional processes, such as accounts payable and accounts receivable. This is what the Post-Invoice Economy is all about. The competitive edge for the future does not come solely from process efficiency and cost savings. What matters in the new era of B2B commerce is the agility of your procurement and cash management. Organizations – and the business leaders in them – need to adopt a complete new way of thinking in order to stay relevant.

Meeting a digital visionary

"Forget about grades! Forget fusty old concepts such as B2B and B2C. It’s all about human-to-human and digital tribes." Ashkan Fardost spoke at our Summer Summit 2017 event in Stockholm. He's a visionary with digital development as his guiding star for the interpretation of the rapid societal changes that are happening now, at a global level.