JOURNAL Fall 2016

Welcome to the Fall 2016 issue of the Journal.
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The view from the top

Redefining purchase-to-pay into an integrated, automated and digital process, from sourcing to paying, expands horizons for corporate CFOs and CPOs, both of whom are reaching for overall control and compliance. “Creating a seamless experience requires expertise from all sides of the corporate trade,” says Stephan Albers, Head of Buyer-Supplier Ecosystem Products at OpusCapita.

Effortless electronic exchange is the key

PEPPOL might be reaching tipping point as the standard in Pan-European e-invoicing and e-procurement. Journal had a brief Q&A with experts in the area to find out about the key benefits of the PEPPOL network and to learn how PEPPOL will advance in the coming years.

“What people today call disruptive technology due to the rapid digital development I would rather regard as a leap in an ongoing evolution,” says Thimon de Jong. He shared his rational and pragmatic view of the effects of digitalization in business and private life with OpusCapita customers.

Anders Borg: Uberization of the banking sector

Through digitalization banks and the entire financial sector are facing major changes that drive new business models. Anders Borg, the former Swedish finance minister and current chairman of the World Economic Forum's Global Financial System Initiative, calls Bitcoin and other digital phenomena an “Uberization of the banking sector”.

Jonas Kjellberg: Where is your delight?

Jonas Kjellberg, the former CEO of Skype, is often amazed about how difficult it is for the big companies to innovate into tomorrow’s delight – into the future success that is built on the customer experience, and satisfaction that is driven, for instance, by the features in a product or a service that are unique, compelling and new to the market.

5 tips for a safer AP Process

Accounts Payable (AP) is one of the most attractive business processes for fraudsters to target, as it is the process where your cash actually flows out of your company. Are you in control of what happens in your AP?

Why you too should love Roger the Robot?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and quickly developing Intelligent Automation with machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is that they are creating a whole new automation culture in companies. At first they may seem too theoretical or technical to approach, but actually these technologies are quite easy to understand and relate to!

Valmet moved its global payments to the cloud

A company with more than 200 years of history in industry, Valmet decided to build a harmonized global infrastructure for vendor payments and for processing customer payments and bank accounts in its Financial Service Centers in North America and Europe. A cloud-based payment solution with global bank connections is the new backbone for its payment management.