JOURNAL Fall 2015

Welcome to the Fall 2015 issue of the Journal.
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Time to speed up digitalization!

“Digitalization is a huge opportunity and is actually the only opportunity for Europe to quickly improve productivity, increase the quality of services, curb public expenditure and create new competitive edge for companies and society,” says Esko Aho, former prime minister of Finland. Read more of his insights!

Technologists and economists have to come together

“Something big is going on,” says Anders Borg, Sweden’s former prime minister, referring to globalization and the situation where the ideas from science fiction are becoming business reality. Let's hear him out!

Less pressure, more capital

The historic low interest rates have CFOs and treasurers in numerous German businesses asking why they should bear the expense of making working capital available when it would hardly bring in any money anyway. Desirée Backhaus sheds light on the situation.

Virtual workforce is already among us

Have you noticed that the knowledge work revolution has already started? Software robots are working the night shift and assisting finance and payroll experts handle massive and demanding payroll data.

Security is your best business ally

Trust is an increasingly valuable asset for companies in the globalized world. This is why companies, whose processes and digital services run smoothly and whose systems are safe to use and work environment secure, will have a significant competitive advantage. Journal interviewed Jarno Limnéll, a security policy expert.

Greetings from a customer experience guru: Go below the surface

A good user experience, in itself, is a new brand value which creates a new type of customer loyalty. Without a pleasant and easy UX, it will be impossible for even a good service to become a success story. But nice and pretty alone won’t cut it, reminds CEO of Idean, Risto Lähdesmäki.