opuscapita supplier services factsheet

OpusCapita enables suppliers on the OpusCapita Business Network Platform at the direction of our customers. Under our supplier enablement model we work on behalf of the customer to enable suppliers via the Business Network.

Supplier enablement and supplier support services are offered to the customer, not independently to the supplier. This approach reduces supplier resistance to supporting the initiative and speeds up the enablement process because there are no contracts to be signed between the supplier and OpusCapita, and no fees the supplier has to get approved.

Our Services
The OpusCapita Supplier Services team supports customers during the initial customer implementation project and on an ongoing basis as required by the customer. Supplier enablement is a key component of any P2P project. OpusCapita provides the following services:

  • Supplier Enablement Strategy Consulting
  • Initial Supplier Onboarding Services
  • Supplier Catalog Management Services
  • Supplier Business Network Integration Services
  • Supplier Invoice Receiving Services
  • Ongoing Supplier Support Services

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