We deliver secure and scalable cloud-based solutions.

Our SaaS offer comprises all the components and activities necessary for a smooth system environment. OpusCapita provides applications with dedicated or virtualized hardware per client. This means that all client systems – except for the hub or document routing - independent of one another.

Secure, Managed and Available

Our standard offer comprises a productive system that includes both staging and live environments. Other environments – such as for development or testing – can be provided separately. For 24/7 operation, further Managed Services can be ordered. These include load balancers with sticky sessions and round robin scheduling, or customized change requests.

Performance to match your requirements

In order to meet client requirements, the system to be used is defined on the basis of their sizing data. After the application has been installed and the data entered, a performance and stress test is carried out to simulate the system load under real time operation.





Saas Factsheet