Request for Quote factsheet

Quickly generate and compare quotes and manage complex tenders

Generate enquiries and simultaneously send them to several suppliers – in just minutes. OpusCapita Request for Quote module enables you to quickly and efficiently send, receive and process price and availability enquiries or even create tenders for large procurement projects. The Request for Quote module ensures that sourcing of project tenders, procurement of services or procurement scenarios for unplanned ad-hoc requirements can all be done using a simple, secure and accurate process.

The suppliers selected for bidding can respond to the enquiries via the Business Network web portal. The users are informed when supplier bids are available and can compare them transparently in the system. After the best offer is selected, it wills seamlessly pass through the appropriate ordering and approval process.

The Request for Quote module comes as a value-adding extension of our Online Product Catalog. Requests and tenders can be prepared in the familiar, user-optimized OpusCapita interface, and all e-procurement processes can be mapped in a single system.

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Request For Quote